Here’s where the fun begins.

Welcome to Magic Landscaping - where a beautiful outdoor space is honored like a work of art. Where landscapes are stunning, yet inviting, and make visitors stop in their tracks when they first see them. But to tap into all the feelings that a visually striking landscape evokes, a simple conversation must begin.

Let’s find out what’s possible.

Owner of Magic Landscaping, Drew Shepherd, begins by…listening. Truly listening to the needs and wants of the customer. Fueled by over 30 years’ of expertise and backed by a talented, passionate team, Drew thoughtfully creates spaces that solve problems, bring beauty, and offer long-term enjoyment for families and friends.

Request a free 30-minute consultation with Drew today to begin a new kind of landscaping experience. One that delivers a truly enjoyable journey and an outdoor project that not only looks amazing, but functions properly for years to come.


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