Walkways are an extension of your home

Walkways and courtyards are the most important part of the landscape design. A well designed walkway will ensure safe passage to your home while connecting the home to the property. It is very important the the architectural elements of the home are responded to and reflected in the design and materials.


Tried and true traditional basic design principals are often ignored on most homes we visit.  More often than not, a home’s hardscaping elements leave a lot to be desired.  This adversely affects curb appeal and the home’s value.  The experts at Magic Landscaping know how to design a beautiful entrance or walkway for your home that will compliment, respond and connect your home beautifully to your property. Avoid the common mistakes that are often made and invest in a creative design and installation using quality materials that compliment your home.

Our client consultations are complimentary and could literally save you thousands of dollars. Our installations are flawless. It is our goal to create not only a beautiful and lasting result but also a truly satisfied client. We do that by providing exceptional customer service, quality products and flawless implementation. Please read our outstanding reviews from people just like you. Our client testimonials speak volumes to the integrity of our work. Let professionalism, quality and craftsmanship guide you in selecting the most qualified contractor for your landscaping project.