Let us design a beautiful driveway for your home

We routinely design and install beautiful pavingstone, granite driveways and courtyards using state of the art materials and installation techniques. We also install granite curbing and driveway borders.
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Driveways, when designed properly, can add beauty, functionality and distinction to your home.  The designers at Magic Landscaping can provide several alternatives and creative design suggestions to guide you towards a beautiful functional solution for your home.  Our planning allows for the snow accumulation that often occurs in Northern Bergen County NJ.  Our designs incorporate plantings that will be able to handle the snow load and come back healthy and thrive in the spring.

One of the biggest mistake a homeowner can make is letting a “driveway guy” design the driveway, further more, Engineers often design driveways that leave a lot to be desired with respect to aesthetics and beauty.   Magic Landscaping knows how to balance the needs for functionality with the overall aesthetics, architecture and existing features of the property.  Our extensive experience will guarantee you a gorgeous driveway/site plan that will add value and significantly increase the curb appeal of your home.