The “path less traveled” might actually make your day!

Natural Stone Pathways provide a beautiful solution for your secondary walkways, they are peaceful and less expensive than other solutions. While primary walkways need to pass the “High Heels” test, secondary walkways allow us more flexibility. When designing these types of walkways the straight line approach isn’t always the right choice. We will often put boulders and plant material in the garden space to enhance the garden experience. We adjust the size of the stones depending on the area available and amount of expected use. Rocks also become benches and a place to just sit and reflect in a beautiful garden space.


A natural stone pathway is a creative way to move people through your property or gardens. The very nature of the pathway is calming and simply stunning. Sit on a boulder and enjoy a drift of ferns and hosta. These intimate garden spaces will transform your backyard into a place that you will enjoy more and never want to leave. They are ideal for a secondary walkway.

The size of the stones can vary, we often interject boulders that the path has to wind around, to create interest as well as adding wonderful places to sit and relax.  Many Landscapes are simply to heavy with an abundance of hardscaping, these solutions soften and provide welcome relief with texture, color and fragrance from the plantings we often use surrounding them.