Project Description

Set back on East Saddle River Road on a magnificent property. Magic Landscaping’s approach was “Less is More”. The beautiful large expanse of lawn gives way to traditional, beautiful landscaping. The grounds (14 acres) are extraordinary with a pond, meadow, woodland in addition to the great lawn, formal pool area and magnificent entry court.

Project Challenges

Two large challenges we faced during this project were where and how to locate the formal swimming pool (steep slope, set back ordinances) and how to mitigate the location of an unsightly electrical utility box that was located in the middle of the front lawn.

The swimming pool had to be located in close proximity to the drive court. To mitigate this, a beautiful free standing wall was constructed to provide privacy and serenity. Additionally, a large retaining wall had to be constructed on the opposite side to provide a level area for the pool, garden and lawn area.

The utility box was located in the middle of the front lawn. Magic Landscaping suggested amending the grading plan provided by the engineer. Stone walls were constructed to encircle the box and we re-graded the slope, essentially making the box disappear. Behind the scenes, we worked with the utility company to ensure proper drainage and clearance. It is important to note that it took quite a bit a perseverance with the utility company to get them to agree to this approach. Magic Landscaping routinely thinks “out of the box” delivering outstanding results to our clients by preserving our clients best interest.