Holiday Outdoor Lighting

Bring your landscape design to life even after the sun sets. Magic Landscaping, Inc. specializes in both landscape and holiday lighting services. Our team begins with a consultation to explore your space’s full potential. From there, we will develop and implement a design to enhance your property’s aesthetics using custom-developed features and finishing touches suited to your unique environment.


You’ve optimized your house and yard to look first-rate, so why let all of that hard work disappear at nightfall? The flick of a switch could transform an ordinary home into one with stellar visual appeal. Some strategically placed landscape lights will allow you to roll back the darkness and put all of your property’s key elements on display. When done effectively, landscape lighting highlights leading features, including architectural design and prized property aspects like eye-catching plantings and trees.

Most modern landscape lighting is low-voltage, and for good reason: unlike 120-volt systems, it’s safer to work with and more economical to install. Although low-voltage lights run on one-tenth the power of traditional systems, thanks to a step-down transformer, there’s no limit to the effects they can achieve. Whether you’re seeking ethereal moonlight beamed down from a tree canopy to a subtle glow that washes over a low garden wall, low-voltage lighting can make it happen. More than just about selecting the right hardware, implementing a pleasing lighting scheme is also about artistry – something in which Magic Landscaping, Inc. excels.