Beautiful Plantings add Curb Appeal to Your Home

We are passionate about planting the right plant in the right spot. Drive around and look, most plantings are overgrown, engulfing homes, walkways and other plants. Don’t waste your money on poorly designed plantings, hire the professionals at Magic Landscaping, we specialize in beautiful, properly designed deer resistant plantings that are properly suited for your Northern New Jersey Home.


Plantings will bring your yard to life with color, texture, fragrance and even soft sounds of plants rustling in the wind.   Integrating and blending the architectural forms of the home and hardscaping, Magic Landscaping’s plantings soften and harmonize the environment helping to bring all the elements together beautifully. Behind the scenes of the gorgeous plantings we create and install lies a complex design process in NJ.

We analyze the horticultural requirements of the site, your personal preferences, aesthetic requirements of the site and much more.  We take great pride in providing our clients stunning plantings that provide a succession of season long color that enhances the home from early spring through summer, fall and even winter time interest.  We take great pride in selecting the right plant for the right spot avoiding overgrown plantings that all to often crowd the landscape unnecessarily.