So You Are Thinking About a New Swimming Pool


Have you ever gone to the orchestra or symphony and seen it perform without a conductor? Probably not. Why is that?

While it is common in the home building industry to have a General Contractor (GC), it is rare to see complex landscaping projects run with a similar mindset. Usually the homeowner is the de facto GC. As you can imagine, this does not always end well and many opportunities and efficiencies go unrealized and mistakes are invariably made.

The installation of a swimming pool involves several trades (pool builder, fence contractor, pool deck masons or stone masons, electrician, plumber, stereo/sound, landscaping, irrigation, lighting, furniture to name a few), even if everyone does their respective job/trade perfectly, the result isn’t always stellar.

Most homeowners do not have the skill set to envision the entire space and all that is involved in tying it all seamlessly together. I have personally seen thousands and thousands of dollars of mistakes made and poorly executed designs. Landscaping is art, and the Landscape Designer/Architect is the Artist. The successful implementation of that vision is a skill that most people do not have.

The preparation of a comprehensive Landscape Plan coupled with a Project Manager ensures a beautiful and well implemented project. Done properly, careful consideration is given to so many factors that will ultimately influence the success of a project as it relates to your family, your needs, your particular yard etc. Years of experience in implementation and design help the Landscape Professional ensure that every detail is considered and melded into the design/implementation seamlessly.

A consumer should work with a firm/individual who has a track record of designing and installing complex projects. It is so important to have the Project Manager (Conductor) who understands the mechanical, aesthetic, functional, budgetary and chronological requirements of your project. In the end it is the culmination of the small details as well as the big decisions that will ultimately result in an absolutely stunning back yard. Please remember, you are not building a pool… You are creating a very special space for you and your family to relax and enjoy for decades to come. That space needs to be designed for your needs, your family and your particular yard and lifestyle.